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Safe & Secure Shopping

Is my personal information safe during transmission? YES!
Direct To You Storage websites are secured with a Comodo Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate to encrypt and protect your data when interfacing with our application. This, coupled with our fully protected and secure application servers, ensures that your data is safer than even on your own computer. On the bottom right hand corner of our websites you will see the red Comodo EV SSL Site certificate ensuring our site is authentic and secure. The EV SSL certification delivers a new level of trust for our website visitors. Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL) Certificates build on the existing SSL certificate format, but provide an additional layer of protection in a strictly defined issuance process created to ensure that the certificate holder is who they claim to be. Visitors to EV SSL-secured websites can trust that the organization that operates the site has undergone and passed the rigorous EV SSL authentication process as defined by the CA/Browser Forum.

What is an EV SSL certificate?
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is the strongest encryption standard for the Internet. It safeguards the transmission of confidential data by encrypting the information you send to our server. Any information that you provide when you register is securely encrypted and cannot be intercepted on its passage through the Internet. Extended Validation SSL is the next generation of SSL Certificate. EV SSL Certificates were designed to combat the emerging ingenious and organized methods of online fraud such as "phishing" attacks. Internet users thus will be able to trust that particular Web sites are what they claim to be, rather than fraudulent mirror sites operated by perpetrators of phishing schemes. The stringent verification processes developed by the Certification Authority/Browser Forum (founded by Comodo in 2006), provides extra assurance of the SSL Certificate-holder's authenticity, making Extended Validation SSL Certificates essential for any online business and critical for Companies such as Direct To You Storage websites, who are committed to earning your trust.

When visiting an SSL secured website using the latest Web Browsers such Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 3, the EV SSL certificate provides a highly visible indicator that the website is a safe place to conduct online business. In addition to the already familiar "https" and gold padlock, websites using EV SSL Certificates will also display a green address bar in Windows Explorer with information about the certificate owner and SSL Certificate issuer prominently displayed. This is the biggest advancement in SSL authentication in the past decade, and conveys our site security. The new certificates trigger high-security browsers to turn the address bar green (on the final check out page) immediately indicating to customers that providing personal info during their transactions is safe.

ShopSite shopping cart:
ShopSite is a shopping cart software which ensures that orders taken are handled in a secure fashion by working with standard secure protocols such as SSL. No credit card information is ever stored.